Why we differ

Our main goal is to deliver highly efficient, reliable and standards-based solutions tailored to the customers needs. Transparency and strict completion timelines are also the key to a successful business engagement. We always keep track of the latest changes in the speech technology and have an extensive knowledge of related standards and available tool-kits, which allows to shorten time to market.


Accelerate time to market taking an advantage of dependable development services. Everything started from implementation of a basic speech application to complex speech platforms.


Plan, develop and optimize your initiatives using professional consulting services. As the speech technology rapidly evolves, the right guidance is the key in designing innovative solutions.


Explore various commercial support options. Tackle issue confidently. Benefit from quality technical support, which aims to assist customers with any questions they may have regarding integration or configuration of the software, troubleshooting complex issues.


Become a partner, help build a solid ecosystem and benefit from sales. The partnership aims to ensure delivery of complete, seamlessly integrated and carefully tested solutions.