Google Dialogflow

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By using Google Dialogflow (GDF) plugin to UniMRCP Server, IVR platforms can utilize Google Dialogflow API via the industry-standard Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) version 1 and 2.

Google Dialogflow API allows to create conversational applications capable of natural interactions with users and powered by Google Cloud Speech API internally.

Natural Conversational Engine

Dialogflow is an end-to-end development suite for building conversational applications that are capable of natural and rich interactions with users. It is powered by machine learning to recognize the intent and context of what a user says, allowing your conversational interface to provide highly efficient and accurate responses.

Multi-Language Support

Dialogflow supports 20+ languages allowing to build a multilingual agent that works across multiple languages.

Powered by Google’s Machine Learning

Natural language understanding recognizes a user’s intent and extracts pre-built entities such as time, date, and numbers. You can train your agent to identify custom entity types by providing a small dataset of examples. You can also use 30+ pre-built agents as a template.

Powered by Google Cloud Speech

You can expand your conversational interface to recognize voice interactions with a single request sent from the client application. Powered by Google Cloud Speech, recognition is implemented in real-time streaming mode.

Lex Speech Recognition

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By using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lex plugin to UniMRCP Server, IVR platforms can utilize AWS Lex API via the industry-standard Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) version 1 and 2.

Lex is an AWS service for building conversational interfaces for applications using voice and text. This is the same conversational engine that powers Amazon Alexa.

Natural Language Understanding

Lex provides the deep functionality and flexibility of natural language understanding (NLU) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) so you can build highly engaging user experiences with lifelike, conversational interactions, and create new categories of products.


Lex guides you through using the console to create your own chatbot in minutes. You supply just a few example phrases, and Lex builds a complete natural language model through which the bot can interact using voice and text to ask questions, get answers, and complete sophisticated tasks.

Deep Learning Technologies

Powered by the same technology as Alexa, Lex provides ASR and NLU technologies to create a Speech Language Understanding (SLU) system. Through SLU, Lex takes natural language speech and text input, understands the intent behind the input, and fulfills the user intent by invoking the appropriate business function.

Seamless Deployment and Scaling

With Lex, you can build, test, and deploy your chatbots directly from the Lex console. Lex enables you to easily publish your voice or text chatbots. Lex scales automatically so you don’t need to worry about provisioning hardware and managing infrastructure to power your bot experience.

Azure Bot Service

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By using Azure Bot Service (ABS) plugin to UniMRCP Server, IVR platforms can utilize Microsoft Azure Bot Service and LUIS APIs via the industry-standard Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) version 1 and 2.


Designed to identify valuable information in conversations, Language Understanding interprets user goals (intents) and distills valuable information from sentences (entities), for a high quality, nuanced language model. Language Understanding integrates seamlessly with the Speech service for instant Speech to Intent processing.

Bot Service

Develop intelligent, enterprise-grade bots that let you maintain control of your data. Build any type of bot—from a Q&A bot to your own branded virtual assistant. Use a comprehensive, open-source SDK and tools to easily connect your bot across popular channels and devices. Give your bot the ability to speak, listen, and understand your users.

Voice Bot